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Preventive Services & Soft Tissue Management

Preventive Services & Soft Tissue Management – At East Bradford Dental, one of our primary concerns is preventing oral disease.  Recent studies suggest that nearly 70% of Americans have  periodontal disease, a disease of the soft tissue and bone structures that support our teeth.  Our skilled professionals use the latest technology to identify potential or undiagnosed problems from the very first visit.   We custom tailor a unique preventative treatment regimen for you based on your current status or risk of periodontal disease and caries (tooth decay). We offer many different services within our Hygiene department to prevent and combat periodontal disease as well as promote oral health.  The following treatments may be suggested as part of your treatment plan:



This is your routine cleaning.  At this office we use an ultra sonic scaler, which essentially power washes your tooth by vibrating and spraying a lot of water.  This removes most plaque buildup in your mouth.  We will also fine scale using hand instruments to remove any remaining plaque.  After all the plaque and calculus have ben removed we then polish your teeth with polishing paste and a polisher.

Periodontal Charting

When periodontal disease is present bone loss occurs around the tooth.  This causes pockets to form between your gum tissue and the bone that holds your tooth in place.  A measurement is taken to determine how much bone loss has occurred at six  different sites along the gum line for every tooth in the mouth using what is called a periodontal probe.  We record those measurements in millimeters into your chart.  0-3mm indicates healthy to mild gingivitis, 4-6mm early to moderate periodontitis, and 6+ mm indicates severe periodontitis.

Scaling and Root Planning

For those patients that have measurements indicating moderate to severe periodontitis, we usually recommend 1-4 quadrants of scaling and root planning.  Scaling and root planning is a deeper cleaning than the prophylaxis.  It cleans below the gum tissue to remove calcified bacteria that is too deep to remove without local anesthesia.


Arestin is an antibiotic that used in conjunction with scaling and root planning.  It is placed at specific sites where periodontal disease is present.  This antibiotic is time released allowing it to combat the bacteria causing the disease long after the scaling and root planning treatment has been completed.

Topical Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is applied topically to each tooth by using a varnish or gel like substance. This prevents tooth decay by making the tooth less susceptible to demineralization.